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Our vision is to
make travel exchangeable
and tradable.

Roomer is the marketplace for travel

Every day, tens of thousands of people cancel pre-paid hotel room reservations and get stuck draining their wallets to pay for an empty room somewhere across the world.

For these people, what was sure to be an exciting and promising vacation suddenly becomes an expensive waste. And yet, on the flip side, there are always travelers looking to score a last-minute deal, whether for a weekend getaway or a spontaneous road trip.

We figure, why not bring these people together. That’s why we created Roomer: to connect the people who are stuck paying for an empty hotel room with the travelers looking for a sweet deal.

But what we do isn’t the only thing that makes us unique, it’s also how we do it. Our automated validation system verifies the authenticity of every single reservation on our website.

For buyers, this process guarantees that what you see is what you get. And for sellers, Roomer’s secure payment vault ensures that the money from your sale will always make it into your pocket.

When you book a hotel room on Roomer, you’re not only getting the best price--you’re also helping someone out. Talk about good karma!

The Team
Alexander Milikovsky
Back End Developer
Alona Wolfish
Product Manager
Ben Froumine
Carl Yaffe
Business Development Manager
Dennis Dobrenko
Front End Developer
Erez Ben Ezra
General Manager, Israel
Gal Zuta
Director of Operations
Gon Ben David
Founder & CEO
Hanan Fligel
Back End Developer
Hen Bergel
QA Team Leader
Ilya Vaiman
Front End Developer
Itai Varochik
SEO Specialist
Jay Hameed
Customer Experience Manager
Kenneth Hanover
Business Development Manager
Liran Amrani
QA Tester
Meidad Marzan
Head of Design
Reut Peer Yosef
Customer Experience Manager
Richie Karaburun
Managing Director, US
Sara George
Account Manager
Shachar Parizer
Senior Back End Developer
Shany Shmueli
Back End Developer
Vitali Margolin
Head of R&D
Yair Cohen
Product Designer
Yuri Shub
PPC Specialist
The Board
Uri Levine
The Godfounder
Eran Barkat