Our vision is to make travel exchangeable and tradable.

Roomer is the marketplace for travel.

Every day, tens of thousands of people cancel pre-paid hotel room reservations and get stuck draining their wallets to pay for an empty room somewhere across the world. For these people, what was sure to be an exciting and promising vacation suddenly becomes an expensive waste. And yet, on the flip side, there are always travelers looking to score a last-minute deal, whether for a weekend getaway or a spontaneous road trip.

We figure, why not bring these people together. That’s why we created Roomer: to connect the people who are stuck paying for an empty hotel room with the travelers looking for a sweet deal.

But what we do isn’t the only thing that makes us unique, it’s also how we do it. Our automated validation system verifies the authenticity of every single reservation on our website.

For buyers, this process guarantees that what you see is what you get. And for sellers, Roomer’s secure payment vault ensures that the money from your sale will always make it into your pocket.

So say you have a hotel room reservation with a full cancellation fee of $500. You can post your reservation for sale on Roomer and set your own price. Even if you sell it for $250, you’re still making half of your money back. Or, if you’re looking to take a vacation, you could be the lucky buyer who scores a great hotel room at a 50% discount.

When you book a hotel room on Roomer, you’re not only getting the best price--you’re also helping someone out. Talk about good karma!

The Team
Gon Ben David
CEO & Co-Founder
Gon founded Roomer, along with Ben and Adi, as part of the Zell Entrepreneurship Program. He holds degrees in communications, interactive media, entrepreneurship and business administration from the Interdisciplinary Center in Herzliya (IDC). Before founding Roomer, Gon founded Tourtle, an online booking site to help travelers buy bus tickets in South America. As our CEO, Gon runs the show here at Roomer HQ. According to Forbes Magazine, Gon is one of Israel’s top 10 CEOs of 2014, and the world’s best CEO of 2015. He is an avid Belieber, and is thus banned from playing his music in the office without headphones.
Ben Froumine
VP Business Development & Co-Founder
A native Australian, Ben moved to Israel after high school. He earned a degree in business administration, finance and entrepreneurship from IDC, where he co-founded Roomer with Adi and Gon. As our VP of Business Development, Ben strives to solve the age-old question of which came first, the chicken or the egg (only in the context of the marketplace, where the chicken is supply and the egg is demand). Before Roomerizing himself, Ben worked in marketing and sales at the online startup, MasterGMAT. Ben rarely sleeps, and is thus resistant to jet lag, so his frequent visits to the United States don’t slow him down. In fact, they even speed him up. You can call him “Ben the Unstoppable.”
Richie Karaburun
Managing Director, United States
Richie is our very own travel industry guru, with more than 19 years of experience in the travel industry. Joining us from New York City (also known as the greatest city on Earth), Richie brings unprecedented experience and expertise from his background as a former Vice President of Global Supplier Relations at RADIUS, a global travel management agency for multinational companies, and as GTA North America President – where he actually did travel magic. To be honest, we could go on for days talking about Richie's extensive experience in the travel industry, but we are far more excited by his passion, creativity and sense of humor – which makes this whole experience much more special and fun, especially as Richie as the CCO (Chief Cancellation Officer).
Meidad Marzan
Head of Design
Having a designer on board is often considered a luxury in the start-up world, and as far as designers go, Meidad is as gifted as they come. An alumnus of Bezalel Academy of Art & Design where he studied industrial design, Meidad not only has talent, but also experience in the field. Before joining the Roomer team, Meidad worked with various industrial designers, both in Israel and Germany, and he participated in the prestigious and highly selective d-Vision internship program. Meidad’s job at Roomer is pretty straightforward: to keep our website unique, beautiful and user-friendly. We all know that creating perfect designs is no easy feat, but Meidad sure does make it look effortless!
Lior Brauer
Senior Front End Expert
Lior is the token hipster of the Roomer team. He is a man of many interests: he holds a degree in Psychology from Tel Aviv University and also has years of experience in computer programming. Fun fact: Lior was a child prodigy (or maybe just a loner)--he started writing code when he was 10 years old. Prior to working at Roomer, he built websites in the Israeli army and a Mantis Interactive Media Company. As one of Roomer’s talented web developers, Lior helps to build the site, both what you see, and what you don’t. He spends his free time in the virtual world of gaming, though he is nostalgic for the simpler times of LAN parties and Unreal Tournament. Aren’t we all?
Vitali Margolin
Head of Development
We try not to brag, but Vitali is the real deal. Not only does he hold a degree in information systems engineering from Ben Gurion University, but during his studies he served as a Microsoft student partner, was runner-up in an app development contest for a GPS controlled alarm clock and did a research project at T-mobile innovation lab. Prior to joining the Roomer team, Vitali worked at Ben Gurion University as a webmaster and at Matrix as a cyber security developer. While he loves his job developing the Roomer website, he sometimes wishes he were part of the Roomer Marketing Team (more famously known as the Roomer Rangers).
Bari Golin-Blaugrund
Community Manager
Bari is a native of Dallas, Texas, where she frequented the rodeo and George Dub-ya’s private ranch (just kidding). She traded her cowgirl hat for the beach when she went off to college at the University of Southern California to study political science. As Roomer’s Community Manager, Bari plans new marketing initiatives, manages our social media pages and quadruple checks that the word “Roomer” is always capitalized on our website. Her favorite place that she’s traveled to is Italy--she went for the art, but stayed for the pizza.
Molly Cornfield
Blogger and Content Editor
Molly is a native Midwesterner, and yes, her last name is real. Despite the fact that she spent her childhood on the frozen tundras of Minnesota, she’s spent the last six years under the California sun (both with her family in Palo Alto and studying environmental science at UCLA) and is now incapable of withstanding temperatures below 70 degrees Fahrenheit (21 Celsius). As Roomer’s Blogger and Content Editor, she updates the Roomer Wordpress, stars in the Roomer Video Blog and helps Bari with marketing initiatives. If she had to pick one thing that she misses about living in the States, it’d definitely be Trader Joe’s.
Gal Zuta
Office Manager
Gal has been traveling throughout her life. She lived in the U.S. for several years as a young girl, traveled through South America after finishing her army service, and worked as a flight attendant for El Al while studying law at IDC Herzliya. Though Gal is a lawyer by trade, she has always been interested in the start-up scene, and decided to join the Roomer team as our Office Manager. Gal wears many hats at Roomer, and serves as our in-house accountant, runs the entire office and, most importantly, keeps the team sane. Without Gal, we would not only be completely lost, but we’d probably starve to death as well.
Itay Galim
UX & UI Designer
Itay is is the true embodiment of eccentricity. He is a seasoned traveler, and has lived in 10 cities on three different continents. After finishing degrees in industrial design at Bezalel Academy of Art & Design and Eindhoven Design Academy, Itay took even his work on the road, gathering experience as a graphic designer around the world, from Israel, to Barcelona, to New York. He’s no stranger to the startup community, having designed countless interactions in companies including Optimove, Dumpster and Riskified. As if all that isn’t enough to impress you, Itay also knows how to code. In fact, his tech sense and skills are so unique, he is currently teaching technological courses in Bezalel Academy of
Art & Design.
Shachar Parizer
Senior Back End Developer
Shachar is an important addition to our team of talented developers. By integrating aspects of our site with those of our affiliates, Shachar ensures that Roomer doesn't work alone. He's been around the block when it comes to the Science of Computers--Shachar started studying ComSci in high school, then went on to earn his Bachelor of Computer Science from Ben Gurion University in Be'er Sheva, Israel where he met his fate (i.e. Vitali, who would later acquaint him with Roomer). Throughout his many years as a budding computer scientist, he has bolstered his practical knowledge of programming with experience in the field and has built hundreds of websites for businesses and information systems. In his spare time, Shachar does flips, handstands, and twists his body into weird shapes with the practice of Acro Balance.
Adi Zellner
Adi has technology and leadership in her blood: from serving as an officer in an elite technological unit of the Israeli army, to earning her BSc in Information Systems Engineering from Ben Gurion University. On top of her studies at BGU, Adi ran a program that empowers youth by teaching them technical skills for the Israeli Defense Forces.
The Board
Uri Levine
We can say that Uri is a director at Roomer, but to us, he is much more than that. Uri holds a B.A. in Economics from Tel Aviv University and has many years of experience in technology, from founding one of the most successful GPS apps, Waze, to spending two decades in the mobile industry at various tech companies. Uri is a passionate, warm and incredibly intelligent entrepreneur who helps us build our company every step of the way. Simply put, Roomer just wouldn't be Roomer without Uri.
Eran Barkat
BRM Hi-Tech
Eran is responsible for all investment opportunities and deal flow in BRM Hi-Tech. He is actively involved throughout the investment cycle, and during the complete company lifecycle. Eran joined BRM Hi-Tech at the beginning of 2008. Prior to joining BRM, Eran was Investment Manager and Principal at the Private Equity Fund IGI (Israel Growth Investors). Previously, he was the Business Development Manager at BRM Group, responsible for exploring new investment channels and new opportunities. Before that, he worked at Kamoon as a programmer. Eran sits on the board of PlayScape, DoAT, Moovit and ColorChip.
Yael Reznik Cramer
Ms. Yael Reznik Cramer is responsible for The BRM Group’s new business opportunities and BRM Capital's financial operations, financial reporting, taxation, information systems and administration. Prior to joining BRM, Yael was CFO of STAR Ventures in Israel for over nine years, during which time she played an active and significant role in over 50 STAR portfolio company exits. Before joining STAR, Yael was a controller at Lannet Data Communications Ltd. (NASDAQ: LANTF) and an Audit Team Manager at Bavli Milner, one of Israel's leading accounting firms. Yael currently sits on the board of Mediaboost.