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The place where people book hotel rooms from other people who had to cancel their trips.

How does Roomer work?

As cliché as it sounds, it's really as easy as 1-2-3.

If you're selling:

1. You list

All you have to do is submit a few details about your reservation. We take care of everything else, including adding images and information about your hotel.

2. We post

When someone books your room, our system contacts the hotel or booking agency in order to transfer the name on the reservation. You don't have to do a thing!

3. you get paid

Guests pay through Roomer when they book your reservation and our Payment Guarantee ensures direct payment to you through our secure payment platform.

selling pic

If you're buying:

1. You book

The only difference between booking with Roomer and booking somewhere else is that with Roomer you save way more money! Simply enter your details and be on your way.

2. We transfer

Once we receive your booking details, our system immediately gets to work transferring the reservation from the seller's name to yours. We'll notify you as soon as the transfer is complete.

3. You enjoy

The hotel will be waiting for you with open arms on the date of check-in. Just show up and check-in as you normally would. All that's left to do is enjoy!

selling pic
How can I be sure I’ll get paid?
Every transaction that takes place on Roomer is verified and then authorized by Roomer’s secure payment platform. Buyers are charged upfront and sellers are instantly notified of the sale via email. The payment is then held securely in the Roomer Vault using PayPal Adaptive Payments, where it is essentially untouchable by Roomer or anybody else. Payment is released from the Vault and transferred to sellers 10 days after the date of check out.
Will the hotel ask for the credit card that was originally used to book the reservation?
No, but the hotel will ask you to present your own credit card upon check-in to pay for additional purchases that aren't included in the reservation (such as room service and the use of other premium amenities).
Should I check with the hotel that the guests' names have been changed?
There’s no need. Once you book your room with Roomer, we take care of everything, including double checking with the hotel to make sure that your reservation is set and ready to go. As soon as we’ve confirmed your reservation with the hotel, we will send you a reservation confirmation with your name on it.
Will I receive a confirmation email after booking?
Yes. Once you booked and paid for your
room, you will receive an email letting you
know we are processing your request. The
official confirmation e-mail with the hotel
details and the reservation number will
follow shortly after. Note that most
confirmation emails are sent within a couple
hours, but could take up to a day.
If my reservation sells, do I need to change the name on the reservation myself?
No. Roomer’s dedicated Reservation Transfers Department takes care of all name transfers. When someone books your hotel room, the Reservation Transfers team gets to work transferring the reservation from your name to the buyers name. You don’t have to do a thing.