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Stuck With a Non-Refundable Reservation? Sorry, this feature is not supported on mobile yet...

Sell it here! Someone is willing to pay you for it. You can sell your room using a desktop browser

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Please fill the guest details as it appeared on the original reservation
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By setting a competitive price with above 50% discount, your room is twice as likely to sell. Sell it faster
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How It Works

Submit your unused reservation at the price you want

We post your hotel room to the marketplace

Get paid when your room is sold

We Protect Our Sellers

Privacy Policy

Roomer will never use, sell or otherwise make your personal information public, including the confirmation details of your room.

Payment Guarantee

When someone buys your room, Roomer ensures that you will get paid, no matter what.

Reservation Management

You have full control over your room, even after you’ve listed it for sale. You can always change the selling price or remove the listing completely if you need to.