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Our vision is to revolutionize travel
Our priority is your safety

"Our marketplace is changing the way people travel, but it's not what we do that makes us unique; it's how we do it. Roomer is built upon a foundation of trust and safety, and that's what makes it work."

We protect our buyers
every step of the way

Advanced Technology

Roomer uses the most advanced technologies to protect your transaction and your payment information is never stored.

Secure Payment Transfer

We have a strict policy of transferring your payment to the seller of your reservation only after you’ve successfully checked-out of the hotel. Learn more

Buyer protection

We’ve set up a marketplace that works smoothly 99% of the time, but every once in awhile things don’t go exactly as planned. Our Buyer Protection policy protects you just in case something goes wrong. Learn more

We protect our sellers' information
and guarantee payment

Identity Protection

Sellers can rest easy knowing that Roomer will never publicly display your personal information. All information that you provide is kept private and is used only for the purposes of validating and transferring your reservation.. Learn more

Payment Guarantee

Once someone has bought your reservation, it becomes his or her decision whether or not to actually use it. As a seller, so long as you’ve complied with Roomer’s terms of use, we guarantee that you will get your payment. Learn more

If it's not a real reservation
it's not listed on Roomer


Our automated validation system ensures that every reservation listed on our marketplace is authentic and safe to purchase.

Fraud Prevention

Roomer’s Fraud Prevention Department works vigorously to ensure the safety and security of both buyers and sellers.

Roomer benefits everyone including
hotels and travel agencies!
The Casablanca Hotel, New York City NY, USA

We work directly with hotels

Part of what makes us unique is the strong relationship we've formed with hotels and travel agencies.

Become a Roomer partner

When guests cancel, nobody wins. Find out how working with Roomer offers hotels and travel agencies a new approach to cancellations.